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  • I could be interested in a nRF52 board with Espruino preloaded.

    Our current wireless logging solution is made up of two devices. The first is a battery powered Arduino that broadcasts two temperatures regularly, using a nrf24L01. The second device has a Pico/SIM800/nrf24L01/LCD/EEPROM.

    I am thinking that it could be a nicer solution to have both devices nrf52 based as the BLE comms would be useful for some additional features we wish to add. My main unknown is whether all the software will fit/run in the nrf52 ? The current software runs with 800 blocks free mem on the Pico, using standard Save and no Pretokenise.

    Does Espruino support using the nrf52 flash for writing general logging data ? I know that its endurance is only 10000 writes but there is lots of it so that should not be an issue for me.


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