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  • Hi there

    I received 3 Wemos D1 Mini Pro few days ago, and flashed one of those using the infos displayed on the esp8266 page ( .. )
    If I recall correctly, adjustements have to be made to the cli command to flash it to be able to use more than 4M ( and maybe not all flash memory 'd be available - I mean, some of it 'd be only usable with 'pages' stuff ? .. )

    Nb: some time ago, I tried upgrading some esp8266 ESP-01 with a 16M flash chip, but I didn't took the time ( and have it ) to investigate how to benefit from most of the flash without considering the 'pages' stuff ( when flashing it / afterwards .. )

    Nb2: I'll be posting about an esp8266-related project in few minutes ;)

    Hoping you did figure out stuff already ;)


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