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  • @oesterle has suggested 3 things I'd like to 'plus 1'

    1) Fun program onboard when you receive it - might defer "my puck is not working" type support
    2) Yes, my thoughts too. It's clearly 3 LEDs - the light doesn't diffuse well.
    4) The battery insulator tab. I've raised this too. Clear or not, add a bit more on it - so it can be pulled out using fingers, not pincers.

    A couple of other minor annoyances

    • The fingernail lift on battery trick is fantastic to reset - once you know about it. Access to battery could be easier - or a reset button.

    • Top cover material. It's hard to keep clean. I'm not sure if this is static or what, but it attracts dust. No big deal, but are there other options, that might not?


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