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  • Web Bluetooth gateway

    Control multiple pucks in console mode, relay a master's instructions to connected slaves and I've just got MQTT subscriptions working over websocket - control puck via topic subscribed to over MQTT.­Q

    It's a bit like an Espruino Hub but in the browser, not on a Pi.

    More planned with MQTT, including publishing and subscribing to each other in a master/slave fashion and an announced mode - an MQTT topic that lists listening pucks so we can control(hack) each other's

    Not especially practical I guess, but the web bluetooth connections persist with browser in background, and I seem to think when computer sleeps, so maybe a bit useful.

    Please note it's not secure. Although the WS connection is WSS the topics are on a public eclipse MQTT server. While the topic is fair contrived - someone would be hard pressed to guess it - it's obscurity only.


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