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  • UPDATED: think the issue is an xcode caching issue

    Yesterday I was developing an IOS app that connects to the puck and was working fine. I then hit the save issues. Now my app is getting null values when querying the services characteristics. Using Ligthblue (ble app) from OSX I can read the values fine.

    console output from xcode

    Puck.js de81
    <CBService: 0x174261d00, isPrimary = YES, UUID = 6E400001-B5A3-F393-E0A9-E50E24DCCA9E>
    <CBService: 0x174261240, isPrimary = YES, UUID = Health Thermometer>
    <CBService: 0x17407fe00, isPrimary = YES, UUID = Battery>
    <CBCharacteristic: 0x1700b66e0, UUID = 2A6E, properties = 0x2, value = (null), notifying = NO>
    <CBCharacteristic: 0x1740b4c40, UUID = Battery Level, properties = 0x2, value = (null), notifying = NO>
    Disconnected from <CBPeripheral: 0x1740ff600, identifier = E96AFB2C-C040-4B7D-B7E8-99E5DC5C7614, name = Puck.js de81, state = disconnected>

    I believe the issue started when playing with notify: true with the characteristics on the puck side of things, but with the save issue and this bug I lost track a little. So I was going to wait for 1.92 before I fully looked into the issue.

    Also is there a function to list the pucks current services/characteristics ? without using external software ? something like NRF.getServices() ?


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