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    1. I just use a good old match to pop out the battery. Maybe you could include a match with each Puck? :)
    2. A setup script for the hub would be nice. I'm hestitant to try my luck on my OpenWrt router after seeing how hard it can be to set it up on a Raspberry Pi. Hope it won't be too difficult to run the hub software on OpenWrt routers with Bluetooth 4.0 dongle.

    I'd definitely buy the uber-puck! Seems like we've been waiting for BME680 forever, maybe it's a vaporsensor after all :D

    Edit: Just found out that it's coming out in 2nd half of 2017. @Gordon, if you haven't already got samples of BME680 you can contact this guy who made a BBQ sensor with it (he works at Bosch, his email address is in the comments):­mwo


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