• @benddennis You should check out https://github.com/audiojs as well, looks like a nice set of audio utilities for Node.

    I love how such a simple interface as a button can open up for so many interesting ideas. Must be really cool to use Puck.js if you're just getting started with programming, it's a magic button! It's of course just as much fun for those of us who like to create interesting stuff with code :)

    (Edit: Moved the rest of my comment a new post in Projects as it got quite long..)

  • @benddennis Hehe nice!

    My node version is done. noble worked great, although it's not the easiest of APIs. Maybe my code can be of use to someone looking to try something similar.

    @Fisu The reaction game was just as addictive as you said! Nice one :)

    By the way, I can recommend Netlify for hosting Web Bluetooth Puck projects with HTTPS, as an alternative to GitHub Pages. It's free and easy to connect to git repositories on GitHub/GitLab/Bitbucket/etc. Just git push, wait a few seconds, and it's live. It also supports uploading of files.


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