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  • Christmas time is comin soon.
    That's a good time to report actual status of Espruino on ESP32.

    • ESP32 tree in Espruino on github
    • standard Espruino compiled and got it running (@nkolban)
    • WIFI handling added (@nkolban)
    • SPI compiled with Arduino Sources (@nkolban)
    • interrupt handling for gpios, to support setWatch (@jumjum123)
    • switch polling of console to interrupt driven handling (@jumjum123)
    • one wire implemented and tested with DS18B20 (@wilberforce)
    • I2C compiled with Arduino Sources and tested (@wilberforce)
    • ADC and DAC running with new driver for specified pins (@jumjum123)

    No drivers are available for I2C and SPI in esp-idf yet.
    Therefore we have to live with Arduino sources right now.
    Esp-idf is under heavy construction.
    Sometimes even a simple call of a function changes its parameter sequence.

    Actual status of Espruino for ESP32 is

    • available mainly for developer, it is extremly simple to build
    • first docs are available on github under targets/esp32/doc
    • needs testing, testing, testing
    • waiting for driver for I2C, SPI, BLE, etc. etc. in esp-idf to replace Arduino sources
    • PWM needs to be implemented
    • expect surprises, like not linear ADC

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