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  • @Stevie, in deed, by watching a pin, it needs some pull... if it is down, it should not draw any current... and staying in advertising mode, it is 2uA for most of the time, but uses some more for the advertisement, which by config has to happen at least once per 10 seconds according to Nordic's data sheet. With Nordic's tools you can calculate the average consummation which depends on the package size, but is roughly 3..4 uA, more though towards 3 uA - and this is with 4dbM transmission power. For very close range, transmission power can be reduced.

    Running a LED even for very short time though makes this consummation practically irrelevant... Even with running JavaScript, this consummation practically irrelevant... When connected, usage is of course higher, but still a fraction what running JavaScript code and more so what running a LED consumes.

    For the multi-connection, I assume, you can use the master and slave configurations. For standard Bluetooth, a master can be connected to 7 slaves at one time. I do not know about BLE... I see no reason why it should not be the same way...


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