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  • Hi @Gordon,

    one of the things I liked in the Kickstarter video (or was it some other Puck video?) was the multi-puck game where 4 Pucks were shown and you had to press on the one which was illuminated. I plan to do something similar, but the question is how was that done? So one master connecting to all the peripheral pucks? I am not 100% sure about how many connections the Puck can handle. Would that work? Or any other advise how it was done?

    Another question also interesting with the game: you write the power usage if BLE is advertising but the Puck is idle otherwise is 20 uA. So I would like the Pucks to be idle all the time until the button is pressed in which case it would start looking for other Pucks. If you do a setWatch is that still counting as idle? Or does it involve more power consumption. Measuring is a little bit tricky without soldering something to the Puck which I don't wanna do at this point. So maybe you know...



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