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  • Status: SPI support is now available and I2C should be right behind it as the puzzles are now resolved. Note that the build instructions changed a tad to get the libraries correct for SPI and I2C. Espressif has released the news that their formal SDK at the 1.0 release will be available at the start of December at which time we will have all the proper libraries that we need to complete the build out. Until then we are using libraries that "work" but which aren't final.

    My 2 cents opinion on multi-threading in JavaScript is ... well ... not to do it. The dual core that is now the ESP32 is primarily one core for the app and one core for networking (Wifi and/or Bluetooth). This allows us to dedicate a core to the app without ANY worry about starving the networking. This dramatically simplified Espruino builds because we can now use FreeRTOS and berkley sockets. As for trying to leverage both cores of the ESP32 for Espruino ... I personally don't see a need. One core for Espruino (the app) and one core for ESP32 networking feels right. That said, I am always open to listening to discussions and if anyone can put forward a cogent reason for using the 2nd core for Espruino work ... I'm all ears.


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