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  • I am not familiar with bt (le), but messing with puck.js (and reading a lot of resources and asking -noob- questions) could change this.

    The main interface with the puck is sending commands to the js interpreter on the puck and receive ouput back. This is done in a chrome brower on a device with bt (le).

    Can this be done simultainious with the puck requesting webpages and posting sensordata via a bluetooth internet gateway (bt theter) on the same phone I use to send commands the puck?

    And can it be done the same time when the puck has open sockets listening to the internet (with IPv6 stack)?

    Also curious if a library will be available to send a file / data from the puck over bluetooth (le) to an android phone without any custom apps.

    So for my orchard application (other post) I could send the data to my android phone automaticly as an file when my phone is near, or could use the http proxy to send it through my phone to a custom Internetserver collecting the data, or use MQTT on IPv6 to send it to a general MQTT webservice?

    And is it possible to use the battery friendly http proxy way to post it to a MQTT dashboard service?


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