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  • N/M - got it working :)

    PINS are...

    // run following code onInit
    E.on('init', function() {
      // SPI configuration
      var spi = SPI1;
        mosi: B5,
        sck:  B3
      // create display instance
      var display = require('SSD1606').connect({
        displayType: 'GDE021A1',
        spi        : spi,
        cs1Pin     : B6,    
        dcPin      : B7,
        resetPin   : A5,
        busyPin    : A4,
        bs1Pin     : A6, // optional, but if not provided, you need to set the correct SPI mode 4-wire by yourself
        //powerPin   : B9  // optional, just do not use the on() or off() function if you do not provide it
      // activate the power to run the display, just a comfort function, 
      // you can control the power by yourself as well
             // (optional) fill the internal buffer for all pixels with color white, 
            // without this the default color will be black
            // not optional - rotate the display x and y coordinates 90 degrees to the right
            // from here it shows the normal usage
            // set color black for subsequent uses
            // set fontsize, see Graphics and Fonts modules for further options
            display.g.drawString('Hello World!', 22, 22);
            // from here it shows the needed part
            // (needed) copy internal buffer to display buffer
            // run the display update
              // do whatever you like here, e.g. turn it off when the update is done
              // again just a comfort function
          // clearScreenColor is optional, but prevents e-paper ghosting
          // shadow of an image may be visible after refreshing (only) parts of the screen
          { clearScreenColor: 0x00 }

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