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    from what I could read in the esptool repo:

    • flash_mode: when using "dio" instead of "qio", GPIO 9& 10 are freed & available for other purposes
    • flash_size: the value of my flash chip is not in the 2m..32m range, so not a valid value [ yet* ]
    • flash_freq: clock freq for SPI interaction, 20..80MHz - not related to esp cpu freq ^^

    *I'll digg, but the lines 46..56 ( "add_spi_flash_subparsers" ) & 825..852 ( "write_flash" ) seems of interest, as well as the following links:­l/issues/105 , from a coment in previous link's page - spi_flash.h

    lastly, from the esp8266 datasheet:

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