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  • Hey guys!

    I decided to just go with extending Uint8Array by adding my color methods to the prototype. Decided I needed to "get in the MCU thinking mode" -- i.e. small footprint design, rather than my bias toward "elegance".

    Been coding Android stuff for years, memory footprint not really an issue. Rather, elegance, simplicity of interfaces, clever OO design, etc. were important.

    With such a tiny amout of memory to fit in, this has to be very memory efficient to leave room for the actual application!

    Anyway, as I said, moved on... just got the GUI library working with the new, compact Uint8Array(4) type of color "object". Going to shoot a quick video, post and puff up my chest for a bit. It's pretty cool. Watch for the thread over in the General section in an hour or so :-)


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