• in Espruino, the term 'Class' is used a bit liberally...

    This was less geared towards JavaScript but more so towards Espruino's unique implementation and documentation / reference.

    Since JavaScript - in its heart / original form - is prototype based, there is no notion of class in the strict way. This creates some troubles - @dwallersv refers to that with *"class" in Javascript is a poor bastard of the real thing - but on the other side allows dynamics that no other (major oo) language offer: the overwriting of the prototype's behavior / function implementation for a particular instance. This has - of course - its consequences as well, especially in (memory) resource constraint environments - but consciously used and over time even variable applied - it is really great. With Espruino 1v86's new ability to set the prototype, literally created objects - especially singletons - do not need to have the typical constructor... (@Gordon: thanks!).


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