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  • @tve, @Gordon
    I'm a bit confused right now. Do we have 2 different sources for Espruino for ESP8266?
    1st one in using sdk 1.5.0, 1700 vars and last changes in Espruino-core
    2nd one in using sdk 1.5.4, 1600 vars and an older version of Espruino-core
    As far as I understand, there are good reasons to use either of them. But I don't know, how to verify/check the better one (at least for my needs).
    To give an example

    • 1700 vars is more than 1600 no question. But my apps for ESP8266 don't need that much.
    • Changes in sdk 1.5.4 to 1.5.0 leave me with a big questionmark.
    • Newer version of Espruino core include promise, which on one hand I would like to have, but there are some ways to help myself without it.

    Could you please give me some help to better understanding ?


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