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  • While I was away a bit and you're luckily still at it, will there be some support for any 8266ex board like Olimex' MOD-WIFI-ESP8266-DEV or anything cheap with more GPIO than the 2 of set standard -01 boards? Not sure if these questions help, though :)

    Edit: If the 32 should really be available that soon, the question might be useless. If not, and a usable board is six months away, I would still pose it that way.

  • @stev - You should be able to flash it to any ESP board, unless they did something particularly weird to it. People are even getting it to run on these wifi enabled outlet things (see sonoff thread). Lots of people use the NodeMCU boards or clones thereof (though they have a different set of pin numbering - no clue why they took it upon themselves to do that).

    It works fine on plain old dirt shit cheap ESP-12Es - I use it on ESP-12's mounted on these protoboards, (which I sell ;-) ):

    The ESP-12's do need a breakout board of some sort - the castelated pads are 2mm pitch, not 0.1". There are a number of "just a breakout board" type boards available.


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