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  • Thx so much @user65089, @DrAzzy and @Gordon. I've changed to baudrate to 115200, something I've done naturally with other apps like Serial Term (Chrome OS). I think it belongs mentioned in red letters in the esp8266 espruino docs somewhere! Now all is fine.

    I'd have one more generic question(s): what is the current state of the build & will it be officially supported in the future, too? Are all the basics working (PINs, PWN, libraries?)...

    I am mainly looking for a dirt cheap dev board for school workshops. That's why I've bought the esp8266 based WeMo boards. With the help of Espruino I can now use the kick-ass Chrome OS based Web IDE for teaching javascript. The espruini Web IDE is really core, I cannot mention it more. The kids at school all have Chrome OS based laptops, they are cheaper and maintenance/admin is not such a hazzle.



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