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  • This version of Breadboard-friendly Pico has just the 2x4 0.05" pins brought out (extension by 4 pins on both sides), which makes it perfectly fit on a small bread board - as an interim solution until Espruino-Wifi becomes available...

    The wires - lacquered copper - are soldered just to the castellation grooves and hide nicely. The extra 16 pads can hold what ever you think of and fits.

    Having the extra row of connectors on top provides still enough connection points despite being on a small bread board - and easy access, for example as test points - to measure / observe signals on multi meter or digital analyzer 0r oscilloscope. To make the two (2) pins fit into the whole, I filed them a bit off on one side. Using round - machined - pins vs the regular header pins enables easy push on and pull off breadboard with much less force.

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