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  • It's the new world and we have to learn to live and communicate and be happy within!

    Easier said - talked - than walked, especially when lively hood is involved.

    The 'model' - i hesitate to call it 'business model' - shows obviously vulnerabilities / sustainability issues... and I ask myself how to remedy.

    There is no simple answer... there will always be delta that creates imballance between there is and somewhere else there is not and have and have not, and it is plain human nature to take advantage of that.

    It's not the first time this happens to Espruino! The last such thing died in itself... at least I did not see and hear anything anymore.

    If 'this' thing is surviving - and I see great chances - I'm. Sure a mutually positive - AND monetary beneficial - cooperation can grow out of it. I give it great chances because connects a lot of well trained engineers into the community.

    May be Espruino is entering a new phase in its journey... I'd like to boldly compare it with Linux... even though Linux is still tightly watched, it is not a single person's thing anymore, and the parttaking individual's roles have shifted too.

    Getting your @Gordon's vision and understanding into more heads of the community and accelerate growth of ease of use, familiarity, versatility,... to make it #1 alternative to the lower level, less sophisticated, but oh so popular MC platform(s)...

    You may remember the Sirius/Victor vs IBM PC and Motorola vs Intel and every OS else vs Windows times? Just to talk Win: was the worst (hell) ever made when it shied up, but you could be assured of comforting company when only Ctrl-Alt-Delete let you live on... and you were lost and in a frying desert with any better of OS xyz.. sorry OS X 'you' we about as lonely as everyone else with your modified ..ix and not os w-ish.

    Back to Espruino:

    For me there should be no reason to run forks... and 'familiarity' variations should be resolved in user configuration options.

    To popularize - evangelize - the event oriented programming model is a different story... getting plain users hooked on it and it's benefits and code simplifying effect - on a higher level - will for sure boost the board demand. To make that happen, modules (popular term: libraries) for that have to become available first. I'm sure I could have done a better job in my related example: use a bit more self-explanatory variables... include some doc... may be even a tutorial. Some bay steps happened with this post about configuring, initializing, and sequencing.


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