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  • This is strange. I am not longer receiving the NetworkJS and http not found error; however, I am only receiving this in the Console:

    Uncaught No 'ready' after AT+RST at line 1 col 16 if (err) throw err;

               ^ in function "a" called from line 2 col 100 ...a("No 'ready' after AT+RST");else return b
                              ^ in function "b" called from line 1 col 15 d=void 0;b&&b()
              ^ in function called from system

    The Gotchas section of the ESP8226 tutorial page says:

    Uncaught No 'ready' after AT+RST? Check you've got the correct
    firmware and baud rate, and that your wiring is correct.

    After executing the ESP8226 firmware demo code I receive:

    "AT+GMR\r\r\nAT version: 3 2015 19:35:49)\r\nSDK
    version:1.2.0\r\ncompile time:Jul 7 2015 18:34:26\r\nOK\r\n" "\x00"
    "àà\x00\x00" Done!

    Am I correct by saying that my wiring is correct since I received the version response? I am not sure what else I can do to troubleshoot....


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