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  • Signs of life on an EMW3165:

    Unfortunately, the looks of the above are a tad misleading because console input doesn't work :-D However, this is better than staring at a non-functional device on my desk! I used a WifiMCU and the st-link-2-1 of a nucleo-F411 for flashing. My fork is at­3165 and instructions for building are at­3165/

    Just to be clear: at this stage you can't do anything with it, except for helping to move the port forward! The Wifi isn't even hooked up yet either.

    I've written a bit about the overall port strategy in the README_Building and it would be nice to discuss this further here. I did some Espruino console hacks (use the WICED stdio for putc) to get to the prompt shown above, but I think it's the wrong direction. Rather than use the WICED platform abstraction I think it's better to reduce the use of WICED to the minimum and make it use Espruino's platform where that's necessary and completely remove the management of non-wifi hardware from WICED. I'm pretty sure this can be accomplished for stuff like usart, i2c, spi, etc., but I don't know what it's gonna take for core processor stuff like clocks, timers, interrupts, etc. At some point this also affects the boot process and thus flash layout. The next step would be to dive into the WICED configuration process and the sources (there's basically no useful documentation) and determine how to strip it back and insert hooks into the Espruino platform stuff where that's necessary.

    [Ewwww, the formatting in this forum site sucks. I had pasted the text of the screen shot using the code formatting and it looked great in the preview mode but whenever I saved it the results ended up being illegible. Had to resort to the screen shot.]

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