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  • Hi,

    Playing more with the STM32F4 Discovery...trying to make some WS2812 LEDs work. Just learning about Espruino and JavaScript. So far I like both a lot.

    Small problem though: The data sent via

    SPI2.setup({baud:3200000, mosi:B15});
    SPI2.send4bit([16,16,16, 1,1,1, 8,8,8, 16,0,0, 0,16,0, 0,0,16], 0b0001, 0b0011);

    seems to be G, R, B which is slightly unusual and unexpected.
    Above line lights up 6 LEDs: gray16, gray1, gray8, Green, Red, Blue

    I'm ok with RGB or BGR but GRB looks like an error. Is this a known bug?

    I'm running Espruino 1v80.1 for the F4 Discovery.


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