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  • Howdy Gordon, I think Ive followed the instructions and forked the "espruino/Espruino" repository into "esp8266-espruino/Espruino". No issues with that.

    I then extracted "esp8266-espruino/Espruino" to my workstation and have an editable local copy on my file system. Still all good.

    I edited one local file "jsnative.c" to reflect the changes needed for adding the XTENSA architecture. I am using this is a "take it slow" test. No problems with the local change.

    I then comitted my local clone back to "esp8266-espruino/Espruino". Again ... all looks great.

    Here is where I start to get fuzzy. I have now issued a "pull request" on "esp8266-espruino/Espruino" which I believe indicates to you ("espruino/Espruino") that a merge request has been made and that the action is now on you to examine my submissions and then approve or reject them. If approved, I believe that the changes I made (i.e. the one file ...) will be updated in the master repository ("espruino/Espruino") and we will have effected a "merge" of our projects (to this one file level).

    Does this sound/feel right? Is this how we should be working? (Again, apologies for the questions up front ... I just want to make sure that this subproject plays correctly by the rules and we can integrate as painlessly as possible and that you are happy with the workflow).



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