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  • Great news. I got it 100% cleanly built AND linked on Windows. Since the original project was built on a Mac and I don't have one of those, I had tried to take the code and build it on Windows. I have an ESP8266 tool chain and used my own Makefile templates to build ... the code compiled cleanly by the linker failed with the error reported previously.

    I decided to start again ... this time I still used my ESP8266 tool chain but this time used the Makefile that was provided with the project and this time not only did the code compile cleanly but the linker completed resulting in a firmware image that I can now upload.

    And then it was bed time ... so I haven't tested the pay-off yet :-)

    A question for the community ... do we want to continue to use this one forum thread for this project discussion ... that is fine by me, but the thread may get VERY big. Just checking if there is a better desire?



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