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  • Hm, lost my prepared comment in the editor ;/ Again...

    I changed the report descriptor in the USBTablet module to signed values (0xFF, 0x7f) for the logical maximum and changed the send function accordingly. Which seems to work.

    However I see some offset of my monitors origin (about 2500..2600 logical units) for top and left, resulting in a clipped circle. This only occurs on one of our Macs, on another with less clipping, on another without (just the vertical values are clipped due to the difference in height vs width in pixels). Just to make clear that this might not be the fault of the Pico when it occurs. Might be some kind of touch pad or multi monitor setup that triggers that. Can't say.

    However, the physical minimum/maximum value only seem to be information on the theoretical input device behind it. They don't seem to have any effect (like a movable and scalable value window, as one might expect). At least on the mac without any tablet driver they seem not to be taken into account.


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