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  • It looks that some - or may be most - of these displays are scavanged from recycled phones... Why would mine look dull and have typical usage pattern (severe) scratches when coming from a production line, even when not passing top quality bars... putting a protection foil over it was just a nice touch... (Is not at all a complaint - I like the reuse... saves(?) the earth and my $, and the patina has some mystery: what did this display show? who used it before? is it personalized... hahaha). Back from mistery to facts: The metal sheet frame has tabs that go through the board. On my unit one was not fully pushed in. The connector between the carriar board and the actrual LCD (plated glass) module is a piece of special rubber strip with conducting segments. A not fully-snapped-in-holding-down sheet metal frame or a not-properly-positioned connector strip may be the cause. Give both a check...


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