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  • For a TO-92 packaged 11ACxxx/11LCxxx EEPROM a breakout is not even required: it can go directly into the breadboard. On the other hand, more and more manufacturers drop packages for through hole soldering, and having SMT areas on a shield - next larger pads and some through holes - provide great options for proto typing.


  • AT24 adapter: If it's doublesided, maybe there should be pads on both sides, provided there are traces to cut/bridge to set the address pins - might as well let us cram an AT24 onto each side.

    Unless I'm mistaken, the Espruino doesn't support the 11AC/11LC series. They use UNI/O, Microchip's pet single wire serial protocol - as opposed to the DS2xxx series, which uses OneWire, which is Maxim's pet single wire protocol. They seem to be pretty different - UNI/O doesn't support parasite power, and the devices are push-pull, not open drain, and goes at 100 kbps instead of 15.6


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