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  • Sounds good, I'll do that.
    To be clear, I was always planning to have a different module for each interface, I was just pondering combining the documentation.

    I expect there will be 4 modules:

    OneWire (name TBD)
    I2C (AT24) (like we have now, only expanded up to 2mbit)
    SPI (AT25) (like we have now, only expanded to highest sizes available, and possibly down to the tiny sizes as well)
    I2C (name TBD?) for 16k and under AT24 series.

    I think the logic to support FRAM will be trivial and tiny - if it's not, I'll split it out into other modules. I ordered a couple of FRAM chips - I realized I actually have a use case where not caring about write cycles makes my life much easier.


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