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  • Wow, allObjects - that string data store is something that I'd need to study for a while to figure out - it pretty much went over my head on the first read.

    So - looking at the datasheet for that FRAM chip, it sounds like it's meant to be a drop-in replacement for the AT25. The same manufacturer also makes one that uses I2C and looks to a drop-in replacement for the AT24. (The FM24V02), and Fujitsu's MB85RC256V looks to use the same pinout and is probably the same way.

    Also, there ARE larger FRAM's in the same series - there are FM2xV05 (512), V10 (1mbit) and V20 (2mbit) available in SOIC-8 package, albeit at a truly eyewatering price.

    Try using my AT25 module to interface with your FRAM and see if it works (the writes will of course be slow, but if all that's needed is simplifying the write process and removing the delay, that makes converting the module to FRAM trivial. My module will NOT work on the V10 and V2o ones, but support for this in both AT25 and 24 is coming with the eeprom overhaul I mentioned.


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