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  • Hey allObjects

    Yes I have just figured this out my self hehe, I wrote this in javascript thinking I could directly port it onto a micro because I had heard of them running javascript I should of done a bit more research hehe.

    My current plan is to rewrite all canvas code (I only use drawImage and fillRect) my self as byte arrays (very similar to Gordans graphics libary)

    I will slightly adjust my textManager to draw the font to the byte array canvas and instead of using drawImage (I was only use this as a canvas copy) I will create a canvasCopy method to copy chunks of one byte canvas to another.


    This way I will now not be reliant on any canvas object and could very easily port this to plain .c if I needed to.

    My plan for the byte canvas (based on my pinDMD project) as I only need 3 colours I can get away with just (192*32*2)/8 = 1532 bytes canvas array which will save on memory. But then again creating a canvas which support 255 colours (192*32)*8 = 49151 bytes is bit larger and would be better in-case i want to use more colours?

    I would convert this larger canvas byte array down to the compressed 4 colour version when sending data over i2c to the dmd controller :)

    I would also need to swap out the way my code makes http requests with the wifi hardware ones espruino.

    If I can get the core of this project just written in pure javascript I think I will be ok and can have a minifier create a web version and a espruino / or node js version (my code is in multiple files so this all needs to be put into one anyway I guess to work with espruino or node.

    Thanks for the help offer I will certainly take you up on that when I get stuck hehe :)


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