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  • Yeah I see what your are saying, I am trying to keep the code this way so I can still run the js in a normal browser and have it work as is.

    I might have a look at writing the i2c Rasp Pi stuff because I will need to use this. I don't think i will be able to send all the frame data at 24fps over serial?

    I have looked at node.js and there are a few canvas modules I can use.

    I might look at rewriting it not to use the 'canvas' at all for the internal animations and just use my own byte array to store the pixel data. Then just have a switch for if its run in browser mode or on device. When on deivce it just sends the byte canvas directly to the dot matrix driver (in correct format) or if running in browser just draw my byte canvas onto a js canvas.

    I will see what I get away with before I make this move hehe.


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