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  • You don't want the USB connector...? Why not just not use it?

    There are also hidden pads (on the back of the USB connector) for a USB mini (or was it micro?) connector, if you scratch through the soldermask. That might provide a good way to connect to it...

    In any event, the project is open source, so you can always take the Eagle files, modify it to your tastes, and then have boards fabbed by OSH, and then load the boards yourself. I may do that when the design is finalized, though probably without loading anything other than the pin headers (just to judge fit of potential addons - I want to have an SD card adapter ready to drop on that 0.05" pin header when my picos come :-P). If I wanted to load everything, I'd have to modify it to use bigger passives. Even with my reflow oven kit (ControLeo2 toaster oven conversion kit) coming this weekend, I don't like the thought of working with those tiny resistors.


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