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  • Hi Gordon

    Thanks for your prompt reply. I'm looking forward to getting started and will place my order tonight with digitalmeans. They don't seem to have everything I need so I will also order some stuff from elsewhere.

    Away back in 2008 I developed a central heating control system in Delphi 7 which runs on a PC and uses an excellent little PIC board to control the boiler, pump & two 12v DC zone valves:­html

    I stopped using it because it was too much having a big old pentium PC just to turn a few things on and off!! It would be great to have everything running on an Espruino.

    I could use my existing DS18B20's, two Relays for the Boiler/Pump and a L293D for the Zone Valves (I currently use relays for this but like the idea of using the L293D).

    My Delphi program currently sends ASCII characters to the PIC board to control things. As a first step I plan to replace the board with the Espruino (plus relay board) and modify the program to send Javascript to the Espruino.

    I will then gradually move the logic from the PC to Espruino until the PC is no-longer required.

    I would also like to get a second Espruino with a TFT screen to run a user interface which talks to the controller over bluetooth (or wifi) - I'm worried it may be difficult to render a nice GUI though.

    All just an idea at present but a nice project for the winter months.

    Thanks for all your hard work and I hope things continue to progress well.


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