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  • I'm going to order the Espruino board soon and was wondering what else I should order - I'm just going to be experimenting with it initially but am interested in heating controls. Its really annoying ordering something then realising that additional items are required.

    It would be great if someone could have a quick look at what I'm thinking of ordering and suggest best options & any additional items I should think of:

    Espruino Board (from digitalmeans)
    Header Pins (2.54mm) - Male or Female???
    Breadboard - best size???
    Jumper Leads (M/M but also M/F if Male Header Pins???)

    Plus various other electrical components (obviously depends on what I intend to use it for!!):
    Nokia 5110 LCD,
    DS18B20 Temp Sensor,
    Relay Board

    I'm assuming most of the Boards (such as Relay Boards) advertised as being for the Arduino should be fine for use with Espruino???

    Anything obvious missing?

    It would be great if digitalmeans (and the other suppliers) could put together Espruino starter kits based on the various videos Gordon has uploaded).

    Any suggestions/ideas welcome!


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