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    Special design 3D color/coloured ABS printed enclosure for clock electronics. Also, has custom made acrylic dome for NeoPixel clock face.

    No push buttons or switches needed - there is nothing to set!

    Two precision, battery backed, real time clocks and one GPS module provides accurate time within +- 1 second of GMT/UTC.

    Computer generated NeoPixel "analog" clock hands. Green "small hour hand" and red "large minutes hand". Displays time in 5 minute increments.
    Time is always rounded up to the next five minute interval.

    Automatic daylight savings time adjustment (DST) for hands free operation.

    Two time displays - One NeoPixel "analog" clock ring for room display and one backlit 4x20 LCD for local desktop precision display.

    The backlit 4x20 LCD displays the following:
    Local time/date.
    Local time zone.
    DST summer/winter mode.
    Month abbreviation.
    Day abbreviation.
    GPS latitude.
    GPS longitude.
    GPS altitude.
    GPS number of satellites.
    GPS fix statistics.
    Ambient temperature (F.)
    Ambient relative humidity (RH%)

    Accelerometer measures tilt/angle for LCD display data switching.

    The front of the NeoPixel clock is mostly symbolic due to the design input of a small FEMALE. The yellow stars represent the US Military GPS satellite system "in the stars". The blue globes represents planet earth. The diamonds represent "forever" ("Diamonds are forever" [fake acrylic rhinestones]). Hence, The Forever Clock. This forever clock will only fail to keep precision time only when the US Military GPS satellite system cease to exist and the probability of this happening is near zero.

    Below is a picture of The Forever Clock without the front bezel and acrylic NeoPixel clock


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