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  • Using the file name var with text is so simple yet it will do the job.

    Indirectly, I am paying Pur3, the highest compliment by saying the Espruino would even be around in a few years. The microcontroller landscape is riddled with so many inferior microcontrollers that having a useful and well supported one is a major accomplishment. Now if only you could find a way to increase the memory 2x or more for the power users like me.

  • Well, you can increase the memory of an Espruino right now if you're able to get the chip off the board and replace it with a higher spec'ed pin-compatible one (ex, STM32F103RFT6). Getting the chip off while leaving the board intact is probably harder than putting the new one on (should be possible to drag solder that)

    Someone with access to rework facilities did this:­842/


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