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  • @Gordon, in regard to .fillPoly(): I have no problem what so ever with it for my PacMan game board drawing, because most of the polygons do just fine - actually very good: speed is nice, so I think about to use it even for other things, because sprites or bit maps may take more space and time and be slower. Of course, having a general purpose, more powerful .fillPoly() may be desirable, but it should be a separate: .fillIrreg(). It would be bad to punish implementations of moderate requirements with overly elaborate, but slow, implementations driven by over the top requirements. I'm sure .drawString() has about the same complexity as .fillIrreg() would have. Therefore, I'm not sure about the worth of handling decently regular polygons the same way as irregular polygons... The-'Where do you draw the line?'-question will never go away. Also, there is nothing wrong with a 20 year 'old' - standard scan line - algorithm, that is proven to be fast and covers 80% (or more) of the cases. Think of them the same way as Evergreens in the music business... ;-) - #polygon #draw #fillpoly


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