• Do you have any pictures of what they're like holding the board when

    Just hot off the 3D printing press...
    The E Block R1 enclosure is on foam nylon 1/8" standoffs for demo purposes.
    Clearances are very tight and there is no need for hot glue to hold the Espruino in its cradle or cage.

    Would it be ok if I put the files on this webpage where there are some
    other 3D printed designs?

    Not quite yet ... The E Block R1 came back today and the Espruino fit was good. We had to
    immediately revise the E Block Cover from "E_Block_Cover_R1" to E_Block_Cover_R1a"
    Wait for the dust to settle. Besides, there is no place for "credits" and links in the folder to
    this forum link to inform the users on what to do when placing their 3D printing order.

    On another note ... The rough looking ABS texture is normal for the infill density of 50%.
    There is a "Acetone 3D ABS vapor treatment" (google for it) that will make it shine like Lego blocks. Also, requiring the low temperature type PLA filament will make the texture look better.


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