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  • A software lamp?
    Surprisingly I am also currently designing a RGB LED lamp (like an actual physical lamp - if a software lamp is not physical?); although only intending to use about 5 LED's in the strip.

    I don't know what the graphical library is but I will look into it :) and command prompt is not a bad idea, although I have found the web IDE pretty decent. I just had it all plugged up at once and just reset() when i want to try something else.

    I went and spoke to a coder in my department and tbh that was a good way of gwtting more info about the uint8array and i think I get it now :)

    I also had a look at your code, so now im assuming a software lamp is literally drawing on a computer screen (based off your use of x,y co-ordinates it must be some sort of display).


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