• E_Clips_R1 ----> 0.3809 cm3
    (Use "attached" stl file below for 3D printing)

    E Clip cm3 0.3809 x $.25 = $0.095 or 0.072 euros <--- This cost is shocking!
    Of course, you still have to negotiate for the best and lowest possible fee for 3D printing.

    The lowest cost solution to mechanically hold the Espruino v 1.3 in place. It has a 1/16" / 0.062" or ~1.57 mm notch to grab the side of the printed circuit board. Order as many as you like but you need at least three of them for secure mounting. (2 sides / 1 back)
    Do not use this E Clip anywhere on the front near the USB connector - there are small SMT components positioned in that area!

    Has two 0.125" / 3.175 mm holes for secure mounting.
    E Clip suspends/elevates the Espruino above the surface plane by 0.393622" or 10 mm. and it obstructs nothing.
    The front transflash SD and USB micro connector can be easily accessed using the E Clip.

    3D Printed order suggestion:
    Make the "Infill density % = 100%" for the maximum strength possible.

    To review this 3D E Clip, for the Espruino, go to the TinkerCad.com
    website and under "Gallery" search for "E_Clips_R1"
    Again, if you need to modify this design ... "just do it"

    Enjoy / Cheers

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