• E_Block_Reduced_Cost_R1 ---> 19.014 cm3
    (Use "attached" stl file below for 3D printing)

    This is a new modified E Block design that reduces the cm3 volume from 48.11 cm3 to
    19.014 cm3.
    A 2.53 x reduction in volume should reduce the cost by a factor 253 %.
    19.014 x $0.25 = $4.75 or 3.61 euro (1 US = 0.76 euro 3/9/14)

    Be sure to shop around for the best price for 3D printing. We found many vendors with ridiculous, exorbitant, high prices.

    This is a "bare bones" design without the fancy "bells and whistles" of the E_Block_R1.
    There is no optional top cover.
    There is no external four mounting holes in the enclosure but it still contains the six internal countersunk mounting holes.

    To review this 3D E Block cradle design enclosure, for the Espruino, go to the TinkerCad.com
    website and under "Gallery" search for "E_Block_Reduced_Cost_R1"
    Again, if you need to modify this design ... "just do it"

    Enjoy / Cheers

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