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  • Yes, I followed those instructions but I get..

    [auxxoconnd1m1 10:36] ~/projects/Espruino >python scripts/ -p /dev/cu.usbserial -Vevw ./espruino_1v70_hystm32_24_ve.bin
    Open port /dev/cu.usbserial, baud 115200
    Reading data from ./espruino_1v70_hystm32_24_ve.bin
    *** Get command
        Bootloader version: 0x22
        Available commands: ['0x0', '0x1', '0x2', '0x11', '0x21', '0x31', '0x43', '0x63', '0x73', '0x82', '0x92']
    Bootloader version 0x22
    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "scripts/", line 561, in <module>
        chip_id = cmd.cmdGetID()
      File "scripts/", line 164, in cmdGetID
        if self.cmdGeneric(0x02):
      File "scripts/", line 137, in cmdGeneric
        return self._wait_for_ack(hex(cmd))
      File "scripts/", line 98, in _wait_for_ack
        raise CmdException("Chip replied with a NACK during %s" % info)
    __main__.CmdException: Chip replied with a NACK during 0x2

    I'll take a look at the touchscreen module, thanks :)


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