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  • @DrAzzy a tutorial would be awesome. I know you gave me some tips about driving a motor in another thread, but I just don't have enough background to feel confident about wiring it up and troubleshooting it when (inevitably) it doesn't work. I have a buddy who's an electrical engineer, I may enlist his help.

    Quick update, I got my new relay from overseas and it works fine. The problem now is that when the system runs for a few hours and the voltage in the battery pack drops a bit, as soon as the relay closes and the lamp comes on, the Espruino goes dark and everything shuts off. So, for now, I'm going to try to use two separate dedicated power sources - one for the Espruino and one for the lamp. That seems easiest.

    Thanks @Stuart.d.d and @user7143 for your tips as well.


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