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  • So, I seem to be having a lot more trouble than I expected getting my relay module to function properly at very low temperatures. I think I actually broke one - it's suddenly very loud when it closes and no longer works reliably at 6v DC. I'm currently waiting for a new one to arrive from overseas.

    When reading my Mimms book on intro electronics (highly recommended), I came across a thing called a Thyristor Silicon Controller Rectifier. It's this:­ta/semicond/thyristor/thyristor.php

    It looks like it's a lot smaller than a relay module, works with about the same voltages, is instant, and cheaper on ebay. It seems like it should work great (I'm implementing this project:­r).

    There has to be a good reason why it's not being used by everyone instead of a electromechanical relay. Any ideas?


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