• @DrAzzy re: "Alternately, wait, how do you have it wired?" That's another weird thing that probably needs it's own thread. I have a JST-PH-2 connector, and it's spliced directly into the power supply (the 5V output from the regulator). But, plugging it into the actual JST-PH-2 female socket on the board does NOT power up the Espruino - it stays dark. Plugging the exact same connector onto some pin headers for BAT and GND DO power up the Espruino tho, so that's what I'm using. So, something's not right I think. 5V power via the USB connector works fine.

    I have a couple of these guys: http://www.espruino.com/ULN2003 I'm going to drive a single motor with it for this same project. I'm using a common ground. Maybe I could also use the ULN2003 for this?


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