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  • Hey, Gordon. I was a Kickstarter backer and I've enjoyed playing with my boards. Just thought I'd share some of my experiences.

    I see your Espruino boards as prototyping boards, for two reasons:

    • it has extra components/size that I wouldn't always need if embedding (same applies to the ST discovery boards)
    • cost

    However, it's not really the ideal prototyping board:

    • I may be assuming too much from myself, but I doubt the audience that gets excited about Javascript on a micro also is great at SMT soldering (I sure am not and it's one of the main reasons I haven't played with the boards more)
    • no headers for easy connection to shields or breadboards

    All that said, cost is really the biggy. I appreciate your concerns and don't expect you to give things away for free, but when I can easily include even something like an Arduino Micro for half the cost (and not have to deal with SMT), I'm almost always going to go that route. But really, I'm usually just creating a standalone Arduino on perfboard.

    Still, I think there are some gaps you could fill here that would help a lot and make me more likely to use Espruino:

    • provide a more complete prototyping board (instead of SD card reader and SMT areas for components, include some sort of header/headers)
    • provide a simpler, smaller board for lazy embedding (similar to the Arduino micro)

    Just my opinions ;)


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