• It's probably capping the power at 500ma or something wimpy like that (500ma from USB chargers is common).

    Alternately, wait, how do you have it wired? Even if the power supply will supply more current, if you're pulling the power from vbat pin on espruino, and the power is going in through the JST-PH-2 connector, there's a 1 amp self-resetting fuse that could be getting in the way - you want to give the load it's own power wire, coming right from the power supply (and through the relay, either before or after the load)

    I highly recommend those converters I linked to you on ebay - they're adjustable, and some of them are so cheap they're disposable (I use those 5-for-$8 buck converters all over the place)

    If you're using a common ground, I wouldn't even use a relay - i'd use a mosfet instead. But mosfets that work well with 3.3v gate drive are nigh impossible to get except in surface mount packages.


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