• @tage @DrAzzy : Quick update, I sacrificed a car USB adapter and successfully made the voltage regulator. Also I made a DIY 4-AA cell battery pack and put it in series with another one, successfully yielding 12 volts input --> 5 volts output.

    It powered the board ok, but when the relay triggers the load, the Espriuno goes dark and resets. My feeling is there isn't enough amps to power everything (I'm basically doing this: http://www.espruino.com/Heater+ControlleĀ­r).

    Assuming I'm right, I probably need to dig deeper into making a custom voltage regulator myself with sufficient capacity for the amps I need (of which I have no idea! Just... "more").

    @StuntMonkeh hmmmm... what are these alternative relays you speak off? Maybe those would make my life easier.


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